How to setup booking for WordPress

Setting up online booking for WordPress has never been easier with the Start Booking WordPress plugin. This article will walk you through how to setup booking for WordPress and highlight some strategies for success.

If you have made it this far then chances are you already understand the power and flexibility of WordPress and are looking to setup booking functionality so that your customers can book time straight from your WordPress site. We have talked with countless customers searching for this same functionality and luckily with the Start Booking plugin, its never been easier to have a WordPress booking plugin.

Once you have installed and activated the Start Booking WordPress plugin, click the newly added Booking tab in the left navigation and you should see a welcome screen like below.

To set up a new account, fill in your first name, last name, email address, phone number, and create a password. From here you can click the blue "Continue to next step".

If you already have a Start Booking account, you will fill out the information above, however you will click the blue "connect account" button in the bottom right corner of your screen. Your Start Booking credentials will sync your WordPress site with the Start Booking app.

Once you have gone through either of the above methods for connecting your account you will be brought to the Start Booking dashboard screen. The Start Booking dashboard confirms that you have setup booking for WordPress successfully.

The plugin settings screen can further help you optimize and setup online booking for your exact needs.  You don’t have to change any of the settings on this page, but you can as you like.

Embed Options

There are two different ways that you can setup booking flows on your WordPress site. You can either implement shortcodes and insert them on any page or post. You can also use the Gutenberg block option. To use the Gutenberg blocks, simply navigate to the page or post you are wanting to display your booking form. 

Services and Classes will display separately. You will want to embed the class booking form and service booking form on two pages. The shortcodes for that are noted below.

[startbooking flow="services"]

Example: Let’s say you are a salon that has a handful of services. You would have the Book Now page with the [startbooking flow="services"] shortcode in the content. This page would show all of the services you offer with the price (optional) and a description of the service.

[startbooking flow="classes"]

This shortcode is used to take your customers to a page where your classes are listed. From here, they are able to book and pay (optional) for your classes. 

General Settings

Under General settings you will be able to turn on your booking limits, openings interval, type of location, currency, and cancellations for your bookings.

Booking limits- lets you set the earliest and furthest time a customer is able to book appointments.

Openings interval- allows you to set the interval time for available appointments. The default for this function is every 30 minutes.

Type of Location- This will allow you to display the address of your business to your customers.

Currency is where you select the currency you accept for your services.

Cancellations- here you are able to send a link with the appointment confirmation email to the customer so they are able to cancel their appointment.

Timezone and Locale

The timezone and locale allows you to define what timezone the available appointments should display to your customers.


The Google integration is a great way to keep your Google calendar aware of all your appointments created within the Start Booking app. Anytime there is an appointment created, we will push the appointment out to your calendar in real time. We also listen to changes made to the Start Booking appointments in your google calendar and update them in the Start Booking app.

Accepting payments has never been easier with the help of the Start Booking platform. With the Stripe integration you are able to connect your Start Booking to your Stripe account. This allows you to accept payment at the time of a customers booking if you choose.


The connection section provides you with the ability to disconnect your site from the Start Booking app. If you disconnect from the Start Booking app your ability to accept online booking on your WordPress site will stop working. After clicking disconnect you will be directed back to the welcome screen show at the beginning of this article.

The disable booking setting provides you with the option to temporarily disable booking on the site without disconnecting from the Start Booking app.

If you have any trouble setting up booking for your WordPress site please contact our support team to help you get taken care of.

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