WordPress Shortcodes


[startbooking flow="services"]

This shortcode is best used on a page that you want to display the full booking experience. This will provide users with a list of your available services for booking.

Single Service

[startbooking flow="single-service" service="service url string" details="true"]

Note: Replace "service url string" with your service ID or URL String.

Details: When set to true, the service box will be displayed. When set to false, the service box will be skipped and will go to the next step in the booking process.

Use this shortcode if you want to predefine a specific service to be booked. Use the details option to either show the service details or skip directly to the calendar.


[startbooking flow="classes"]

This shortcode allows your customers to book classes from a calendar or list view with filtering and date range selection.

Single Class

[startbooking flow="classes" class="class url string"]

Note: Replace "class url string" with your service ID or URL String.

Classes Shortcode Options

  • Class:
  • Hide Calendar: hide_calendar="true"
  • Range Start: range_start="2021-09-18"
  • Range End: range_end="2021-09-21"
  • Show Filter: show_filter="true" * Only applies to Single Class shortcode.
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