How to edit and customize customer emails

Want to customize the look and feel of emails being sent to your customers? No stress, with our simply guide below you will be able to customize emails in no time! Keep in mind, this is a feature only for paid accounts.

Step 1: Log into Start Booking

Start Booking Login

Step 2: Access the Account Center Settings

Click on your account name in the top right of the application. Once you are in the account center, click the Settings link in the left navigation.

Step 3: Click Customize

In the Customer Emails section you will see a list of each email and actions for enabling/disabline and customize. Click customize.

To learn more aboutdisabling emails.

Step 4: Customize the Email

From the customize email section there are a variety of options you can control on a per email basis. As a example, here are the settings for the appointment reminder email.

  • Header (show or hide)
  • Header background color
  • From name
  • Subject
  • Headline
  • Option to include service provider
  • Location of appointment
  • Option to include a link to directions on Google maps
  • Addition notes to display in footer

As you edit the email options form, you will see the preview panel on the right side update in real time! 

Want to Upgrade to Customize Your Emails?

If you are on the free plan you do not have the ability to customize your customer emails. To do so,upgrade your account to any paid account for instant access to our email customizer.

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