What are classes?

At Start Booking, we define group booking, or anything that isn’t a one-one appointment as a class. This doesn’t mean that you have to be teaching anything but it obviously could be that if you want. 

Some common use cases for creating classes are the following:

  • Fitness classes 
  • Group meetings
  • Trainings
  • Events (Does not include ticketing and other related functions)
  • Excursions

How do classes work?

If you are on a paid plan with Start Booking, simply click on the classes link in the navigation. From there, click to create a class and give it a name, description and pick a color to represent it on the calendar.

Once you have your classes created, you can now create multiple class schedules for each class. A class schedule is an instance (or set of instances if recurring) of a class on your calendar. Each class can have many different schedules. Learn more about class schedules.

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