What are class schedules?

At a high level, class schedules define how and when a class is displayed on the calendar. For example, once you have created a class (What is a class?) you then will create a class schedule for that class. 

Below is a break down for what each of these class schedule fields represent.

Class – Required

The class dropdown is where you select what class this schedule will apply to. If you don’t have any classes, first go to classes and create a class.

Dates – Required

The two date inputs are the start and stop times for this schedule. For example, if you want to create a class that starts January 1st and runs until the end of May you would first select January 1 and May 31.

Time – Required

The two time inputs define the start and stop time for the class. For example, you would select 9:00 am to 10:00 am. For all day classes, check the All Day box.

Recurrence – Optional

The recurrence dropdown is where you can define if and how this schedule is recurring. The available options are:

  • None (Is not recurring)
  • Daily (Everyday)
  • Weekly 
  • Monthly: Monthly on the 6thMonthly on the 1st Tuesday
  • Yearly: Every year on whatever day is selected in the start date

Room – Optional

If you are on the Business plan, you can create and define what room this schedule will be held at. A room can represent any physical location. 

User – Required

Select the user that will be assigned to this class schedule. This is usually the instructor and/or the user that will receive the notifications when a customer joins the class.

Maximum Capacity – Required

The maximum capacity sets the limit for the number of customers that can join this schedule. 

Price – Optional

The price field helps customers know if this is a paid class or not. If you don’t want to charge for a class, just leave the price empty.

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