Managing customer credit cards

Managing your customer’s credit cards is very simple with the Stripe integration from Start Booking. For starters, here is an overview of the process.


First off, we DO NOT store customer credit cards anywhere on the Start Booking platform. We do get access to a unique token (which represents a credit card but is not the credit card numbers) that can be used to charge a payment. Below is an explanation from about the implementation.

When you collect a customer’s payment information, a Stripe token is created. This token can only be used once, but that doesn’t mean you have to request your customer’s card details for every payment.

Stripe provides a Customer object that makes it easy to save this—and other—information for later use. You can use Customer objects for creating subscriptions or future one-off charges.


In addition to not storing credit cards, we have implemented the latest security standards recommended by Stripe to keep you and your customers protected.

When a customer makes a payment we check the cards they have on file and add that card as an available payment option going forward. If you already have that credit card token on record, we just run the payment as usual.

How to add a credit card for a customer

If you want to manually add a credit card to a customers account, navigate to their profile. If you have Stripe integrated, you will see a panel called Credit Card on the customer profile screen.

If your Credit Card panel looks like the above screenshot, select the Add link in the top right to add a new credit card for this customer.

After adding the credit card, click save and you will be redirected back to the customer profile and the customers credit cards will be populated.

To delete a credit card, simply click the Delete link listed in the table. This will remove our record of the credit card (the token) and delete the card from your Stripe account as well.

In addition to the customer profile, you can also add a credit card for a customer directly from the following locations:

Appointment Details

Appointment Calendar

As always, if you have any questions or concerns regarding the use of customer credit card information please contact our support team.

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