Payment FAQ’s

What payment providers do you offer?

Currently we only support Stripe. We are always open to suggestions though so please reach out.

What forms of payment are allowed?

Customers can only make payments with credit cards. We have explored additional payment options but have not made any decisions.

Does Start Booking store customer credit cards?

No, but we do store tokens that Stripe provides to us for each customer as a way to run future payments.

Can I use Stripe test data?

Currently, we don’t offer the ability to toggle which API keys are used with the integration but it’s something we are very close on releasing. In the mean time, if you think it’s critical to have test mode for your account please contact support and we can work with you.

Do I have to have a SSL to accept payments?

Yes, a valid SSL is required by both Start Booking and Stripe in order to use live payments. When we release the ability to turn on test mode you will then have the option to run test transactions without a SSL.

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