How to secure your payment form

Having a secure checkout form is critical to your web presence and your customers security. If you’re reading this, chances are your website has a notification saying that it’s not secure and/or you received an email saying the same security notice. You are in the right place, now let us explain how to resolve this.

Why is my site not secure?

In short, your website is not secure because you are not using a SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate. When you have an SSL on your website, all data sent between your website server (your host) and your users browser will be encrypted.

When you are logged into your non-secure website, your payment form will look something like the following.

After you secure your website, the payment form will look like the following.

How to secure my site?

The only way to secure the connection to your site is to add an SSL certificate. Depending on where you host your website, it can be a really easy or somewhat of a painful process. Many of the top web hosting companies provide free SSL’s and make it really simple to add to your site. We highly recommend reaching out to your hosting company and asking them to add an SSL to your domain. If you aren’t sure about your host or what to look for feel free to contact us at support[at]

Still have questions? No stress, feel free to contact the Start Booking support team and we will be happy to talk in more detail.

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