How to create online appointments

There are multiple ways to create online appointments with the Start Booking app and this article will cover the different scenarios. First, it’s important to know that Start Booking has been setup to provide different options to create appointments based on account usage and customer preference. Ultimately it’s up to you and what you and your customers prefer.


The calendar is the easiest and most lightweight option for creating a new appointment. Simply click on a time block on the calendar and a modal will popup where you can select a customer and service to book. After selecting a customer and service click the save button and the appointment will be created and appear on your calendar. The selected customer and staff user will get an email confirming the created appointment.

Appointment Search

Another option for creating appointments is with our custom search engine built specifically for booking appointments. To use this search tool, first click on appointments at the top of the app which will bring you to an index of all your appointments sorted by recently created appointments. At the top right of this index page there is a blue create appointment button, click that.

Search URL:

Just like the calendar view, the first step is to select a customer and service that you want to create a appointment for. What’s different about this appointment search tool is that the Start Booking app will take your customer, service and date into account and return back all available options to create an appointment. As your business grows and becomes more successful it will also become more complex to know what the next available times for creating an appointment are and thats why we built the appointment search tool.

The results of the appointment search will include all the available booking times for the date selected, available booking times per user and available booking times per room.


Lastly, if you are using a WordPress based website we highly recommend using our WordPress booking plugin so your customers can create online appointments as they wish. The WordPress plugin makes it very easy for your customers to leverage the same appointment search that the internal app uses while still keeping anything confidential removed from customers. The plugin works with any WordPress theme and connects directly into your Start Booking account.

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