How to create a package

In this guide we are going to walk through the process of creating a package for your online booking. 

Note: Packages are a paid feature of Start Booking.

Step 1: Access Packages

First, you need to navigate to your account center and then click on Packages ( The Packages page is where you will see your list of packages that you have. Since you are learning how to create one, the screen should be empty, click to create a package.

Step 2: Set the Package Details

The first step within the package creation process is where you define a lot of the details of the Package. The only two required fields are the Package name and description.


If you want to upload a package thumbnail, the thumbnail will be displayed with a 2x1 aspect ratio. We recommend a PNG or JPG with a size of 300x200 pixels. 


If you select Public access, the package will be available to all customers. <br /><br />If you select <strong>Private</strong>, the package will be available to customers with a direct link. Private packages do not display to your customers without the direct link which you will receive after saving the package. <br /><br />If you select <strong>Unavailable</strong>, the package will not be available for new purchases. Customers with existing bookings can still continue fulfilling their bookings.

Available for purchase until

Optionally, you can set a date for when the package will be unavailable for new purchases. If you do not set a date, the package will be available for purchase indefinitely. This is helpful for creating a package that you only want to offer for a limited time.

Expires after purchase

Optionally, you can set the number of days after a customer purchases the package that the package will expire. Leave blank if the package doesn’t expire for the customer.

Step 3: Set the Package Items

Select if your will consist of services or classes. A package cannot consist of a blend of both services and classes. 

After selecting the item types (In this example, we chose services), select a service that you want to include in the package and click save.If you want to have multiple services in the package, click the Add button and add another service. Otherwise, click next.

Step 4: Set the Package Quantity

Now it's time to define the quantity of services (or classes) that the customer will receive when they purchase the package. You can set the quantity at the package level or at a per item level. 

Entire Package

Entire package means that customers who purchase this package will be able to book ANY of these items for the set quantity.

Each Item

Each item means that customers who purchase this package will be able to book each of these items for the set quantity.

Step 5: Set the Package Price

The package can have a custom price or just set as free. Custom price means that you can set the price to be whatever you would like.

Once you've set the price, click Next and you'll see a summary of your package to save. Now that you've created your package, you will see it listed in your Packages section of your account center.

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