How to apply a package to a booking as payment

In this guide we are going to walk through the process of applying a package credit as a form of payment for a booking.

Note: Packages are a paid feature of Start Booking.

If you're familiar with how to apply a credit card as a payment for a booking then this process will feel very familiar. 

For Appointments

Navigate to the appointment that you want to apply the package.

Click on the Payment button in the top right and you'll see the payment slide out. Click on the Package tab to see a list of eligible packages that this customer can apply as a payment form.

Eligible packages are defined as:

  • The appointment service is apart of the package
  • The package has not expired
  • The package still has available usage

Click the Apply button to apply one of the packages credit as payment.

If you're viewing an appointment from the calendar, it will look like this:

For Classes

To apply a package as payment for a class, it's very similar to how appointments work above. First, simply locate the class and customer that you want to apply a package for. 

Click on the customer and then click on the Package tab. You'll see a list of eligible packages that the customer owns. Click apply to apply a credit from the package.

If you're viewing a class from the calendar, it will look like this:

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