Start Booking is a calendar based platform to help your customers schedule appointments and join events with you. This article will help you kick-start the on-boarding and help you get setup properly.

After signing up you will land on the dashboard of the app which provides you with a high level overview of your account. From here, we recommend following the next steps to get started setting up your Start Booking account.

Check Availability

The first thing to confirm is your availability. It’s important that you understand how availability works, so that your customers will be able to book appointments in the times you want. The link below will review how to set your availability.

Learn: How to Set Availability

Add Services

Next, we recommend that you review your services. In the top navigation, under appointments there is a link for services. From here, you can manage all aspects of your services you offer. Services are structured as a 1-1 appointment.

Learn: How to Create Services

If you have multiple services, you can take advantage of using services types as a way to group your services to make it easier for customers to find the services they are looking for.

Add Customers

If you already have existing customers we recommend that you navigate to the customers section and manually add your existing customers. This is not required but provides you with the ability to add or migrate those special customers you want to make sure you don’t lose any information you already have. If you don’t add your customers it’s not a problem because they will get created when they book their next appointment.

If you are using our WordPress booking plugin plugin it’s even easier since customers will easily create their account at the time of their appointment. Once their account is created they never have to enter that information again!

Have a WordPress site?

If you or your business have a WordPress website we highly recommend adding our WordPress booking plugin which empowers your customers to easily view services, find available openings and book directly with you.

On the Business Plan?

If you are on the business plan don’t forget to setup your staff and bookable rooms.

Adding Users

In your account center navigate to the users section and invite your staff to join.

Tip: When you add a user to your account and they join they will not be assigned to provide any services. Be sure to review all users services so they can be available for booking.

Adding Bookable Rooms

Adding bookable rooms to your account provides you with the ability to leverage physical locations within your office.

For example, if you run a spa that has four rooms available for a massage service then Start Booking needs to know about each of those rooms so we can be sure not to double book them. For a barber shop these rooms could easily be the chairs your clients will use. When users are booking an appointment with you we will check the room availability and take that into account so your operations stay running smooth.

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