This guide will walk you through how to obtain API keys for your Google account so that you can connect with the Start Booking application. 

This integration does not work with free Gmail emails. Google requires a Google Apps account (G Suite) to go through this process.

Not a G Suite user?

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Integration Guide

Step 1

Go to:

Once there, you need to create a project. We recommend that you use "Start Booking" as your Project Name. Feel free to leave Location as No organization or select whatever you like. Click the Create button.

After creating your project you will be brought to your project dashboard. From here, click to Go to APIs overview as pictured below.

Step 2

On the API's & Services screen it's time to enable the Google Calendar API. Click the blue + ENABLE APIS AND SERVICES at the top of the screen. 

Once you've clicked that you will be brought to the API Library. Scroll down to the row labeled G Suite and click on the square titled Google Calendar API.

On the Google Calendar API screen, click the ENABLE button.

Step 3

Now that you have enabled the Google Calendar API for your project, it's time to create your credentials. Click the CREATE CREDENTIALS button at the top of the screen. If you don't see the CREATE CREDENTIALS button, go to this url:

Step 4

Add credentials to your project with the following information.

Which API are you using? Google Calendar API
Where will you be calling the API from? Web server (e.g. node.js, Tomcat)
What data will you be accessing? User data

Select the What credentials do I need? button. you should get a popup that ask you to setup your OAuth Consent Screen. Skip that for now.

Step 5

Create an OAuth 2.0 Client ID. 

Name: Start Booking
Authorized Javascript Origins:
Authorized redirect URIs:

Click the Refresh button. Most likely the screen will prompt you to setup your OAuth consent screen. 

If it does, click SET UP CONSENT SCREEN link and it will open a new tab to create your consent screen.

Step 6

Setup OAuth consent screen (

Click Internal and then click Create.

Step 7

Complete the OAuth consent form with the following information.

Application Name: Start Booking
Application Logo: (Feel free to download this image and save it to your computer to use for the logo)
Support Email: Select your email
Scopes for Google API's: Click Add Scope.Then on the popup select ../auth/calendar and ../auth/

Authorized Domains:
Application Homepage Link:
Application Privacy Policy Link:
Application Terms of Service link:

Click Save. After clicking save the page will refresh. Feel free to close that tab and go back to the previous tab where you were creating your credentials. Click the Refresh button again. 


Click the updated button that says Create OAuth client ID.  

Step 8

Click Download to download your OAuth credentials to your computer. Once you've downloaded your credentials, you can click the Done button

 At this point, you should have everything you need and your Credentials screen should look similar to the below image.

Step 9

Once you can download your OAuth 2.0 Client ID's, contact support ([email protected]) with a request to add your Google Calendar keys to your account. The support team will need you to send them the file you downloaded from Google. Once we receive the keys, we will apply them to your account and you will instantly be able to connect your account.

If at ever you need assistance please contact us to help walk you through the process.

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