Existing Accounts - Migration Overview

If you're an existing account, let us walk you through an overview for how the new Customer Portal will work for you and your customers.

1. Booking Page Disabled

If you had your previous booking page disabled (such as the picture below), we will disable your website as well. You don't have to do anything further.

2. Home Page

For all existing accounts (Created before 1/26), their home page will be disabled by default and either your services or classes booking flow will be displayed on your home page.

3. Location

If you displayed your location on your previous booking page, we will display your location on your new website.

4. Authentication

Since your customers won't have a password set when they create a new booking with you provide two options to them. The first option will allow them to checkout as a guest which means they don't have to set an email or password to complete the booking. The second option will provide them with the ability to set a password for their account. That process works as follows:

NOTE: If the customer has a valid mobile phone, the 6-digit code will be sent to their mobile phone. If they don't have a valid mobile phone, the 6-digit code will be sent to their email. If the email is not deliverable and they don't have a mobile phone, the account owner will either need to update their email or mobile phone number for them so that they can receive a code or register for a new account with a different email.

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