How customers use packages

Packages are a great way to bundle multiple services or classes together for a discounted price. Often times packages will drive repeat bookings and you also get to collect the money up front which is great!

Step 1: Create your packages

If you haven't already, the first step is to create the packages that your customers can purchase. Learn how to create a package.

Step 2: Ensure your website is displaying packages

A very important next step is to ensure that you have packages turned on to display them to your customers on your booking website. You can enable packages here:

Step 3: Share the link to your packages page

Now that you have packages created and they are displaying on your booking website, you can share the link so your customers can come purchase them.

NOTE: You need to have payments setup with Start Booking for customers to be able to purchase a package from your website.

Step 4: Customer portal

Once a customer has purchased a package, they will see their packages listed within their customer portal. 

Your customers can click on My Packages to be able to book with that package as well as see additional details about it.

Step 5: Use package

To book with the customers package, the customer simply needs to click on the Book link where they will be taken into the booking flow and they can apply their package as payment.

After booking with the package, if the customer navigates back to their Customer Portal they will see the booking history and usage applied.

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